Holiday Express - Driven By Safety

From the Safety Department

From upper management, right down through our employment line, we have pledged to make safety our specific course of action and through sound leadership, it has truly become our "culture"... it's just how we do things.

Safety begins through the hiring process and we have committed ourselves to hiring only the best qualified individuals to drive our trucks.

Safety is valuable and as an upstanding refrigerated carrier, we believe that it is our ethical obligation not only to our drivers, but also our customers, & the motoring public to be safe and protect them while we are sharing the highways with them.

It is also our duty and strong commitment to be certain that our equipment and that our owner/operator equipment is in safe operating condition and that not only our drivers, but our equipment meets the requirements that govern us through the FMCSA.

Through the efforts and support of everyone involved at Holiday Express and in the Holiday Express safety program, we will continue to be one of the safest carriers on the nation's highways.

Sheila Schichtl, CDS
Holiday Express Corp.

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