Safety Meetings

We Are Driven by Safety.

Attending our regularly scheduled safety meetings helps you to be a better driver and also helps you financially. Those are two important reasons for you to be attending regular scheduled meetings - it strengthens you as a professional and also the culture within our company.

So you didn't make a meeting? We are sorry and we missed you last quarter. The following is a CounterMeasure that you can complete and return to the safety department in order to obtain credit. The following stipulations apply:

1) Approval from the safety department must be given first, in order for completed CM to count as credit for a quarterly meeting. In other words, if you had an opportunity to be present at a scheduled meeting, completing the CM will more than likely NOT serve as credit. Prior approval must be given.

2) Once approval is given to complete the CM, you will have 2 weeks to complete and have submitted to the department, via email, fax, or can turn in with paperwork.

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